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Our Band, Your Life

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of Michael Azerrad’s seminal history, Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground, 1981- 1991.  The book traces the beginning of what we now call indie rock by profiling thirteen … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Films of 2010

10 | Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World directed by || Edgar Wright I should have hated this. I’m bored with 8-bit nostalgia. I’m over ADD editing. I wanted to strangle the too-twee-for-its-own-good comic. If I never see a fourth wall … Continue reading

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Five million ways 'Born to Run' could've gone wrong

[youtubevid id=”9AtzqptYr3g”] Thanks to Merlin Mann for pointing out this clip from Wings for Wheels, a documentary about the making of the landmark Bruce Springsteen album Born to Run. Mann says of an early, bombastic version of the title track: … Continue reading

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Trump's a Billionaire – In Feelings

Don’t worry, America.  Though the value of your homes, banks, and economy may be built on sand, at least your favorite cartoonish tycoon calculates his net worth using a much more stringent standard: “My net worth fluctuates, and it goes … Continue reading

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The death of the right in 2:09

I wonder why they’re losing the kids? [kaltura-widget wid=”7w6drv26g0″ width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”2″ editpermission=”2″ /]

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The incredible story of the Amelia Earhart of music

Though I don’t have the energy to browse the music blogs like I used to, I’ve found a serviceable substitute in these “Song of the Day” podcasts a lot of radio stations are doing. Like you’d expect, they’re hit or … Continue reading

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100 days don't tell you a thing

Because of an abusive slate of errands that hijacked my attention today, I spent more time reading what others thought about Barack Obama’s first 100 days than contributing to the discussion myself, I’m sad to say.  The True/Slanter’s takes were, … Continue reading

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