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Is it wrong to engage celebrity culture?

From body image to the body politic, there are few areas of contemporary American life untouched by the tentacles of celebrity culture, the trivial pursuit whose effects are anything but. The nightly news forgoes civic engagement for cynical spectacle, and … Continue reading

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The conservative policy of pettiness

Whenever I go against my better judgment and watch a clip from Glenn Beck’s show, the end result is usually not much more than a severe headache and a wrist sore from constant fist shaking. But his recent unintentionally hilarious … Continue reading

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Highlights for Adults: Faking It

HFA is a feature where I look on my bookshelf, take down one of my excessively highlighted books, and share some passages to see if anyone else thinks it was worth all the yellow/pink/orange/green ink involved. Episode Three : Faking It: … Continue reading

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