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Scratching the surface of The Wire's genius

This 100 greatest lines from The Wire video is a must-see.  But it’s a testament to the show’s capacity for quotables that I instantly thought of 10 or 12 not on the list.  You can play at home, Wire fans. … Continue reading

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The twenty best films of the 2000's

There’s no way around it.  When it came to movies, the 2000’s were one gigantic shoulder-shrug of a yawn of a bore.  Clearly, the past ten years weren’t a total dud or making a list of best movies would be … Continue reading

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Why I'm not down with upselling

A spectre is haunting late corporate capitalism – the spectre of upselling.  If you’re not familiar with the term upselling (or suggestive selling), you’re definitely familiar with the practice.  Let me set the scene: INT. UBIQUITOUS CHAIN STORE – DAY … Continue reading

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