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Polanski and the genius excuse

A few facts that I assume aren’t in dispute: 1. Roman Polanski is an enormously talented director with an impressive filmography. 2. Roman Polanski’s life has been marred by tragedy beyond what most of us could ever imagine. 3. Roman … Continue reading

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The growing pains of a literalist brain

The Christian ‘poem’ Footprints might be the most inescapable piece of inspirational doggerel ever conceived. I’m fairly sure it’s the law to send a framed copy of it and a “Bless This Mess” placard to every woman-of-a-certain-age south of the Mason … Continue reading

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What's the matter with Texas?

Talking Points Memo is on the case.  Once again, they’re doggedly pursuing a story virtually ignored everywhere else (except True Slant’s Kate Klonick!) : the Texas State Board of Education’s hearing on textbook standards.  Now, I realize simply reading that … Continue reading

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Highlights for Adults: David Rakoff

HFA is a feature where I look on my bookshelf, take down one of my excessively highlighted books, and share some passages to see if anyone else thinks it was worth all the yellow/pink/orange/green ink involved. Episode Two: David Rakoff, … Continue reading

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The scourge of sensible centrism

[Above: The Three Wise Men and One Wise Woman: David Brooks, Richard Cohen, David Broder, Cokie Roberts] Astute observers of the D.C. scene have long been aware of a bizarre, though remarkably common, fetish shared by a number of its … Continue reading

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Three comedy shows you should be watching

This has been a particularly blah year for movies, and as pointed out in the previous post, the future’s not looking that much brighter, thanks to Hollywood’s sequel fever.  But fear not, fans of visual narrative – as long as … Continue reading

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What's the worst sequel coming out?

I’ll admit, at first glance, these movies make for strange bedfellows.  One comes out this November, one just started principal photography, and the other hasn’t got past the “mild interest by one of the original stars” phase.  Nevertheless, I believe … Continue reading

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