Is New Jersey the South's rodeo clown?

Seriously, New Jersey – the South thanks you from the bottom of our heart.  We couldn’t possibly bear the burden of stereotypical stupidity all by our lonesome.  Every time we think we can’t carry the heavy load of all our mouthbreathing morons and inbred racists for one more second, you guys send in your Jersey Shore VIPs to step in and take the heat off.  There is nothing more I enjoy than man-on-the-street interviews on your state’s coastline, and the violence done to fashion, grammar, and the idea of human progress in the process.  Sure, we have our Faulkers and you have your Springsteens, but it’s the knucklehead crackers that keep us close as kin.  This recently uncovered highlight reel from the 90’s documentary Wildwood is classic anthropological goodness, with a more sympathetic, rounded portrayal than the Jersey Shore genre usually provides.  Like, for example, the short Guido Beach below it.  

[youtubevid id=WWZuPrZSU1M&feature=player_embedded]

[youtubevid id=kyAzwREVBZs]

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4 Responses to Is New Jersey the South's rodeo clown?

  1. Viv Bernstein says:

    And you’re ripping me for knocking North Carolina barbeque? Sheesh.

  2. Brian In NYC says:

    Guidos are hot as hell and nothing you can say is going to make me feel differently! But of course I was raised in Jersey, what do I know!

  3. I actually had several friends in college in NC from NJ that could have easily been labeled guidos. Maybe not the brightest bulbs, but genuinely nice guys, and hey – they knew how to party. So, I keed with love.

    And Viv, at least tell me you’ve warmed to coleslaw?

  4. Meh, ain’t no state dumber’n Florida, in both absolute terms and per-capita.

    I never figured Jersey as particularly dumb, only kinda smelly. Seriously, whenever I ride the NJTurnpike I get hit with smells that make me wonder if my bike is having problems..

    Then again, NJ is taxing folks out at an amazing rate, and that isn’t too smart if you ask me.. Consolidation of services is SORELY needed…

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