Burn After Reading/ Liar Liar sequels announced

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Oh, whoops, they’re not.  But watching the trailers for Steven Soderbergh’s The Informant and Ricky Gervais/Matthew Robinson’s The Invention of Lying, you could be forgiven for thinking that those two crappy flicks have found new life.  Besides the hairpiece on Damon seeming like exactly the kind of cruel stunt costuming the Coens like to inflict on their actors, the tone of Burn After Reading and The Informant share a redhaired milkman’s resemblance to each other – that tone being wacky suspense, for lack of a better term.  And they’re also clearly not swinging for the originality fence by employing Ride of the Valkyries and Would I Lie to You in the trailer.  Well, I’m keeping an open, if not eager, mind for this one, given who’s at the helm.  

[youtubevid id=Ue3GLAP4Vlc&feature=player_embedded]

As for The Invention of Lying, that’s even more iffy.  Sure, the cast is great – Louis C.K., Tina Fey, Martin Starr, and of course, Gervais.  But that group, great as they are on TV or on stage, have hardly guaranteed watchable movies – otherwise I Think I Love My Wife, Ghost Town, and  Baby Mama would’ve been modern day film classics.  And that cutesy-poo premise – basically the invert of Liar Liar – is so annoyingly “high concept” it seems odd that someone as smart as Gervais would’ve ran with it.  And just like The Informant, it draws from the cliché soundtrack well for its musical cues, choosing the done-to-death Mr. Blue Sky by ELO.  They should just rename that song “Upbeat Moment of Personal Discovery” and be done with it.

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2 Responses to Burn After Reading/ Liar Liar sequels announced

  1. chadhartigan says:

    Light romantic comedies with fantasy elements are the exact opposite of what Gervais is suited for yet this is the second one he’s subjected us to.

  2. Yeah, b/c Rom Coms are known for their acerbic social satire and complex characterization.

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