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Palin and the conservative confederacy of dunces

[youtubevid id=”xRkWebP2Q0Y”] I knew it was too good to be true. True/Slant contributor Mark Stricherz and I rarely agree on anything, but a few days ago, I had to throw some props his way for his clear-eyed post Palin Was … Continue reading

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What can we do to stop the MacGruber movie?

[huluvid id=”T02_ZBhLj6NzfaWZ9llmHA”] I’m more than a little disappointed that there’s not more popular resistance to the news that they’re making a MacGruber movie. You know, MacGruber – that 20 second MacGyver parody that was mildly amusing the first 5,000 times … Continue reading

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Is New Jersey the South's rodeo clown?

Seriously, New Jersey – the South thanks you from the bottom of our heart.  We couldn’t possibly bear the burden of stereotypical stupidity all by our lonesome.  Every time we think we can’t carry the heavy load of all our … Continue reading

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Burn After Reading/ Liar Liar sequels announced

[youtubevid id=9mTNjwNvEqE&feature=player_embedded] Oh, whoops, they’re not.  But watching the trailers for Steven Soderbergh’s The Informant and Ricky Gervais/Matthew Robinson’s The Invention of Lying, you could be forgiven for thinking that those two crappy flicks have found new life.  Besides the hairpiece on … Continue reading

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