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100 days don't tell you a thing

Because of an abusive slate of errands that hijacked my attention today, I spent more time reading what others thought about Barack Obama’s first 100 days than contributing to the discussion myself, I’m sad to say.  The True/Slanter’s takes were, … Continue reading

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MJ's auction will haunt you forever

This was on a golf cart. If you haven’t taken a peek at Paul Scheer’s photoset from the Michael Jackson auction, please do so.  I have nothing to add.

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Honda lights up Vimeo

So, you may have already seen the Honda Insight “Let it Shine” commercial where the company took thousands of hybrids out in the desert and let their headlights dance out messages of peace, love and all that jazz. But you … Continue reading

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Moms www.explain the "power"

Q: Will old videos about the internet ever stop being funny? A: Never. Never ever. Having settled that, check out this video about moms taking charge of their lives via what they called “the power”, and today we call dial-up … Continue reading

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NYT: Geithner Wall Street's errand boy

  This Times article about Geithner’s questionably close relationships with the lords of Wall Street is seven pages long, but remarkably, there’s never a dull moment – primarily because you’ll be on the verge of puking every other paragraph.  With … Continue reading

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Countdown of crazies

Since its inception, Media Matters has jumped on the grenade for the rest of us by watching media gasbags day and night, and documenting the unhinged comments that spew forth with dependable regularity – a sort of Old Faithful of … Continue reading

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How to sell a private jet in a recession

You’re not like those other millionaire execs.  You’re not getting a private jet to show off, stroke your ego, or to snag a second mistress. You need it for your business, to stay competitive, to keep ahead of the pack. … Continue reading

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Bookmark This: Things You Should Not Twitter

Dang it.  Right after Jason Kottke pens a rousing defense of Twitter as more than just idiots posting boring/incriminating details of their personal lives, I stumble upon the website, Things You Should Not Twitter, and now I can’t leave.  It’s … Continue reading

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Talking mule movie may not be that good

Wait, wait – hear me out!  I know, it sounds crazy to suggest that an overdubbed animal comedy could be anything but a solid bar of cinematic gold, but I’m just not sure Ice-T fully committed to his role of … Continue reading

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Shepard Smith flips out over f*&#$ing torture

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has a proud history of violating network protocol by exhibiting signs of genuine human emotion and logic every now and then.  The most famous example was, of course, when he and Geraldo lost it on … Continue reading

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