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Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy

I was all set to spit, groan, and curse at the fact that this Louis CK clip from Conan wasn’t embeddable, but then I realized I’d be proving his point.  In this concise little rant, Louis takes contemporary whiners to task … Continue reading

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Republican Wants Babies to Get AIDS

What a horrible, hyperbolic headline, you say. How dare you put such evil words in someone’s mouth, you say. Ah, but read the transcript, I reply : “What I’m hoping is that, yes, that person may have AIDS,  have it … Continue reading

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You're Gonna Be Big, Kid!

Judging by the number of sites that have featured Röyksopp’s new video, Happy Up Here, I’d say their new album “Junior” is going to be their biggest selling one yet. Oopsies, typo! I meant this will be their most rapidshared/megauploaded/bit-torrented … Continue reading

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Poetry Post (Wait, Where are You Going?)

A friend just turned me onto Dallas Clayton’s website, where he showcases his short poems for children and child-like adults. He is the newest member of the neo-whimsy movement (a movement I coined, just now), that group of vaguely hipsterish … Continue reading

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Hands Full

I’m currently working on another project (see below) that might take valuable time away from blogging about babies and Republicans (redundancy?)  Sorry youse guys!  Keep me in your thoughts/prayers/RSS Feed, plz.  

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George Will To Men: Don't Touch Me! (Please Touch Me)

I’m not sure why George Will thought this important enough to be his final thought on the speech, but I’m sure his psychologist could tell me.  On Obama’s reception on the floor of Congress: “I don’t know when men started … Continue reading

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All Those Things All Those People Were Talking About All Those Times

Have you ever thought “Gee, I wish someone would make a list of all the biggest viral videos and memes so that I can finally know what I’ve not been missing all these years?” Oh, you never asked that? Well, … Continue reading

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Watch Your Back, Everyone In Hollywood

We’ve all seen cabdriver Sal Lupo’s trailer for his new/first movie, Untitled Sal Lupo Project, and gotten all tingly and gooey inside over the promised thrills + chills.  I mean, there’s realism and then there’s Sal Lupo.  Cassavetes and Scorsese … Continue reading

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NY Times "Suggests" Jobs for Former Wall Street Bigwigs

    And by suggest jobs, I mean throw a big fat Schadenfreude pie right in their faces.  Perhaps it’s to make late-in-the-game repentance for half their paper seeming like it’s written for billionaires, or maybe they’re just being plain ol’ … Continue reading

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And the Oscar Goes to: Unhinged Obscenities!

Acting, Schmatcing. Mickey Rourke should get the Oscar tonight based solely on his acceptance speech at the Independent Spirit Awards.  Any speech that begins like this gets my vote. “Eric Roberts is the fucking man and he deserves a second … Continue reading

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